Satellite 1.0

Download Now!

Download Now!

What is it?

Satellite™ is an all in one photo gallery website that takes advantage of Yahoo Flickr's image hosting and management tools. You can upload and manage your images using Flickr and host your portfolio on your own server via Satellite™.

When you upload images to Flickr, your website is automatically updated! You can further take advantage of Flickr's Organizer to create Photosets and assign Keywords to your images. All of the work you do on Flickr is mirrored on your website via Satellite™.

Satellite™ is CSS based, so you may customize its look and feel by downloading themes or creating your own.



You can view a working demo here of Satellite™ 1.5

If can also view the same new site using the all new, alternative Snow Theme!


Improvements in version 1.5

Now compatible with webhosts such as Dreamhost that forbid access of the Flickr API.

Universal release for both PHP4 and PHP5 - no more need to download a specific version.

Addition of Themes

Much faster performance

Addition of Mootools and Slimbox increasing performance from the old Prototype/Lightbox configuration



Satellite™ is written in PHP. You will need a Webhost or server with at least PHP 4 installed.

Which version of PHP am I running?

You also need a Flickr Account

And finally you'll need a Flickr API key


Satellite™ 1.5 Universal


Previous versions:

Satellite™ 1.0 for PHP4

Satellite™ 1.0 for PHP5



Detailed instructions for installing on your server may be found here.